The project of the papyri of Freiburg

The University Library Freiburg holds numerous fragments of papyrus texts in hieratic, demotic, Coptic, Arabic and Greek script, set in 147 glass plates. These are literary and legal texts as well as documents. Mainly, they originate from the 3rd century B.C. to the 3rd century A.D. Some papyri were created only in the 4th to 7th century A.D.. The papyri came into the possession of the Großherzogliche Universitätsbibliothek of Freiburg in the years 1909-1914 via the German Papyrus Cartel.

The most important pieces (77 in total) are described in the Mitteilungen aus der Freiburger Papyrussammlung (4 volumes, Heidelberg/Bonn, 1914-1986).

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