The project of the papyri of Giessen

The papyri and ostraca of Giessen are stored in the Department Manuscripts, Early Printed Books and Special Collections of the University Library Giessen. More than 2.500 papyri and about 500 ostraca are part of four different collections: the Papyri Gissensis (P. Giss.), the Papyri bliothecae universitatis Gissensis (P.B.U.G.), the Papyri Iandanae (P. Iand.) and the Ostraca Gissensis (O. Giss.).

The digitization and cataloguing of the complete inventory, including the objects not yet published, was funded during the years 1999-2003 by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.

With the present project the original database, then in the Allegro-HANS format, migrated to a MyCoRe based papyrus and ostraca application.

For further information please consult the presentation of the collection of the University Library Giessen. See also a detailed description of the collection in Giessen . Cf. also