Papyrus Collection of the Institute of Papyrology Heidelberg

Description of the collection

The Institut für Papyrologie at Heidelberg University is the sole independent university institution in Germany, which is dedicated to research and teaching in the field of Papyrology. The Heidelberg Institute has a collection of about 11,000 pieces of papyri, parchment, paper and ostraca from Egypt, which has been added to continuously since the first purchases in 1897. This makes the Heidelberg papyrus collection one of the greatest collections of this kind in Germany. The collection consists of approx. 5000 Greek papyri and parchments, approx. 3200 Arabic papyri and papers, about 1370 Coptic papyri and parchments, 815 Demotic papyri, minor lots of Hieratic, middle-Persian, Hebrew, Aramaic and Syrian papyri, parchments and papers respectively. In the course of the last 100 years an extensive library which specialises in papyrological literature has been built up together with the collection. The collection and the specialised library make the Heidelberg Institute one of the leading centres of Papyrology not only in Germany but in the world at large. Since 1999 the collection is being digitized and electronic catalogues of the various parts of the collection have been built up.

Important Publications

'Veröffentlichungen aus den badischen Papyrus-Sammlungen' (= VBP resp. P.Bad ), 6 vol. 1923-1936.
'Veröffentlichungen aus der Heidelberberger Papyrussammlung' (= P.Heid. ), so far 9 vol. 1956-2006.





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