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The project of the papyri of Würzburg

The papyri of Würzburg are held by the Dept. Handwritten scripts and ancient prints of the University library Würzburg. The catalog of the collection has been created in 2007 to 2009 due to the funding of the DFG. The work aimed at cataloging, digitalizing and backing up the present papyrus inventory. The digitalization was done by the digitalization center of the University library Würzburg (P.Ruff, M. Dittrich), H. Essler did the cataloging.
The implementation and presentation of the catalog to the internet was done using the open source project MyCoRe which has been developped by a number of german universities and the MyCoRe based Papyrus project Halle-Jena-Leipzig. The papyrus collection Würzburg is foundation member of the German Papyrus portal. An outline of the collection's history can be found on the website of the dept. of Handwritten scripts and ancient prints of the university Würzburg (in german). You may also find an overview over the state of publication and a description of some selected unpublished objects in the speech of H. Essler on the 24th international Payprology congress in Helsinki, 2004 (in german).

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  • Dr. Karl Südekum ,
    University library Würzburg, University Würzburg
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Erler ,
    Chair for Classical Philology I, University Würzburg
  • Dr. Hans-Günter Schmidt ,
    University library Würzburg, University Würzburg
    Dept. of handwritten scripts
    Responsible for the collection, conservationi and pubication rights:
  • Dr. Holger Essler ,
    University library Würzburg, University Würzburg